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MAD Systems is a 2022 Global Design Awards - Interactive Experience Category Sponsor. Mad Systems is an award-winning audiovisual/interactive consultancy, design and integration company specializing in exhibits for museums, visitor centers, briefing centers and theme parks. A majority woman-owned business that uses creative technology to develop long-lasting and easy-to-maintain systems.  Mad implements the latest technology using non-proprietary equipment whenever possible. Learn more about MAD Systems

Award-winning Projects

A 2011 Merit Award-winning project, Science Storms at MSI in Chicago. Inspired by nature and the innate human desire to reveal its secrets, Science Storms was conceived as a wondrous laboratory. The 200-ft.-long by 100-ft.-wide by 65-ft. gallery is an ethereal expanse whose surfaces are washed by blue light that creates an indefinite sense of space. The exhibition is anchored by seven viscerally beautiful, large-scale interactive demonstrations of natural phenomena, surrounded by a constellation of smaller experiments. Interactive and linear media throughout the gallery complement the mechanical elements. Working with Evidence Design, MAD Systems provided AV Integration.

Science Storms at MSI, AV Integration by MAD Systems

“with 57 exhibits including several major theaters and absolutely no walls, this is a feat of acoustical and audio engineering that was only possible because Mad Systems were involved in the gallery design from day one”