The Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden 

  • National September 11 Memorial & Museum

This special exhibition illustrates the complex, decade-long search that culminated in Operation Neptune Spear, the raid on the Abbottabad compound which brought Osama bin Laden to justice. The exhibition’s 7 media pieces, including a 40-ft long panoramic wall projection, immerses visitors in the hard-fought teamwork of analysts, senior officials including President Obama and former CIA director Leon Panetta, and the Navy SEALs. 

Project Overview

Together with more than 60 artifacts, some of which were declassified for the installation, the exhibition offers an inside look at what inspired key leaders to continue years of painstaking intelligence work in pursuit of an elusive target.

The exhibition media pairs first-hand video interviews and oral histories with archival media and intricate motion graphics, showcasing hand-written text conveying the intimate work of those on the ground and the rough-hewn nature of the hunt itself. Design motifs of redaction, declassification and surveillance are central components of the exhibition.